Casimir de Lavergne
School of Mathematics and Statistics, UNSW, Australia


An improved parameterization of tidal mixing


Generated by tidal currents over sloping topography, internal tides are a prominent type of internal waves whose breaking feeds much of the observed small-scale turbulence in the ocean interior. In this talk, I will present a mixing scheme which accounts for the local and remote breaking of internal tides and which obviates the need for a fixed background diffusivity. The scheme uses four static 2D maps of internal tide dissipation, each associated with a breaking process and a corresponding vertical structure. In spite of the substantial limitations attached to the estimated dissipation maps, favourable comparison with some fine- and micro-structure observations and successful implementation in NEMO suggest that the scheme has potential for improving understanding and modelling of ocean mixing.


Time and Place

Tuesday May 29th 2018, 11.15
Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor