Brentha Thurairajah - IMI guest
Brentha Thurairajah - IMI guest

Brentha Thurairajah
Center for Space Science and Engineering Research, Virginia Tech


Brentha Thurairajah’s current research is focused on studying the chemistry (especially Nitric Oxide, NO) and dynamics of the upper atmosphere using AIM and SABER satellite data and coupled climate models. Her PhD work at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks was on Rayleigh lidar observations and analysis of temperature and gravity waves in the stratosphere and mesosphere. She joined Virginia Tech as a NSF CEDAR postdoc and worked on the analysis of Polar Mesospheric Cloud structures as observed by the CIPS instrument on the AIM satellite.


Influence of obliquely propagating gravity waves on the polar summer mesosphere

Time and Place
Monday, June 26th 2017, 11.15
Kuling C502, Arrhenius Laboratory, 5th floor

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