Dr. Yvan J. ORSOLINI, Senior Scientist
NILU - Norwegian Institute for Air Research and Birkeland Centre for Space Science, University of Bergen and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research

Modelling the impact of energetic particle precipitation using WACCM with ion chemistry


IMI guest Yvan Orsolini, University of Bergen.
IMI guest Yvan Orsolini, University of Bergen.

Fields of interest

  • Dynamics, chemistry and satellite remote sensing of the middle and upper atmosphere, esp. the energetic particle precipitation impacts upon the atmosphere.
  • The role of the cryosphere (snow, sea ice) in subseasonal-to-seasonal forecasting, and the implications of a diminishing cryosphere for Arctic weather and climate.


Time and Place
Tuesday Nov 28th 2017, 11.15
Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor