Wolfgang Schöner, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, Austria


Temperature inversions in a changing climate – results from Austria and Greenland


The talk deals with results from two projects investigating spatial and temporal changes of inversions in two different regions, Austria and Greenland, respectively. Obviously, the two regions are characterized by different environment and inversion types. The motivation for these studies is based on the importance of inversions for many processes in nature – in our specific case from the influence of inversions on the mass balance of glaciers in Greenland and the air quality (particulate matter) in Austria. For the analysis of the inversions completely different data sets were used, on the one hand interpolated raster data from ground stations for Austria, on the other hand reanalysis data for Greenland. Results of these analyses will be shown and put into the context of conclusions on the consequences of future climate change.


Wednesday October 23, 14:15

Place - note change in location!

Kulingsalen C502A, Arrhenius laboratory, Svante Arrhenius väg 16C

Enter MISU on the 6th floor, then go down the stairs.