Jim Carton, Dept of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, Univ. of Maryland, MD, USA


Changes in the Atlantic sector of the Arctic 1980-2017 as
viewed in the SODA3 reanalysis


This talk introduces an ensemble of seven ocean/sea ice reanalyses
based on the eddy-permitting SODA3 reanalysis system.  Each ensemble member is forced with a different set of atmospheric forcings.  Most reanalyses begin in January 1980, but one, forced by ECMWF CERA20C forcings, begins January 1946.  In the second half of the talk I will present results from a preliminary examination of the changing hydrography of the Atlantic sector of the Arctic as it appears in SODA3.  For example, in addition to reproducing the observed decadal variability of Atlantic water properties the ensemble of reanalyses also show a multi-decadal warming of near-bottom temperatures which reach values of 1-1.5C (annually averaged) in the Barents Sea.  This warming is accompanied, in the northern Barents, by increases in
bottom salinity. I will finish with a brief discussion of the 0.1-deg
resolution SODA4, which is currently under development.


Wednesday May 29, 11:15


Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius laboratory, Svante Arrhenius väg 16C, 6th floor