Jan Nordström, Dep. of Mathematics, Linköping University.
Jan Nordström, Dep. of Mathematics, Linköping University.


Jan Nordström
Department of Mathematics, Linköping University


New Developments for Initial Boundary Value Problems: Theory and Applications


During the last decade, provably stable high order finite difference methods as well as finite volume methods applied to initial-boundary-value-problems have been developed. The stability is due to the use of so-called Summation-By-Parts (SBP) operators , penalty techniques for implementing boundary and interface conditions using Simultaneous Approximation Terms (SAT), and the energy method for proving stability. In this talk we discuss new aspects of this technique and in particular relate it to the approximated initial-boundary-value-problem.

We present the SBP-SAT technique using simple model problems and apply it to the construction and development of hybrid methods, multi-physics applications, time-integration, non-reflecting boundary conditions, dispersion preserving schemes, data assimilation, transmission problems, uncertainty quantification etc. Applications can be found in aeronautics, weather prediction, oceanography, earthquake analysis, oil & gas prospecting, signal and sound propagation.


Time and Place

Tuesday May 15th, 11.15
Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor