Sebastian Scher
PhD student at MISU

Discussion Seminar on Philosophy of Science in Atmospheric/Climate research

Considering that the switch to a new year is often a good time to reflect a bit on what one is actually doing all the time, I would like to organize a discussion seminar on the philosophy of science in atmospheric research. Oceanographers of course very welcome too, just replace atmosphere with ocean:

  • What does "understanding" mean in an atmospheric/climate science context?
  • Is atmospheric science real physics?
  • Is it reasonable at all to try to understand a chaotic system based on crude simplifications?
  • Is weather forecasting science, or more engineering?

There is no necessary reading. Just think about the above questions on your daily way to work, and you are prepared.

I will start the seminar with a short introduction, and then it will be a free discussion (if necessary moderated by me).

Time and Place
Thursday February 15th 2018, 14.15
Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor