10:30 Beatrice Säll (15 hp)

Title: The role of clouds in the climate system  
Supervisor: Rodrigo Caballero
Commitee: Heiner Körnich, Caroline Leck

10:55 Malin Boman (15 hp)

Title: Stratocumulus i subtropikerna ‒ Hur molnfraktionen förhåller sig till stabiliteten i nedre troposfären
Supervisor: Frida Bender
Committee: Heiner Körnich, Caroline Leck

11:20 Linn Karlsson (30 hp)

Title: A modelling study on the effect of changing climate on sea salt emissions 
Supervisor: Matthew Salter (ACES), Juan Acosta (ACES)
Contact Supervisor at MISU: Annica Ekman
Committee: Lars Ahlm, Johan Nilsson

11:50 Ellen Berntell (45 hp)

Title: Multidecadal rainfall variability in Sahel 
Supervisor: Qiong Zhang, Léon Chafik, Heiner Körnich
Committee: Fabien Roquet, Jonas Nycander


Degree project presentations

Time and place
Friday, June 2nd 2017, 10.30
Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor

(This event has taken place)