Bachelor project:

Gustav Jakobsson, Bachelor Student at MISU

Title: Intergyre Pathways in the North Atlantic Ocean

Supervisor: Léon Chafik

Master project:

Jule Radtke, Master Student at MISU

Title: Low cloud feedbacks across resolutions (LES and CRM)

Supervisors: Thorsten Mauritsen, Cathy Hohenegger

Master project:

Eirikur Örn Johansson, Master Student at MISU

Title: Boundary layer processes interaction with surface leading to difference in vertical structure between atmosphere and the ECMWF weather forecast model IFS over North Finland (Södankylä)

Supervisor: Gunilla Svensson


Friday June 14, beginning at 13:30


C609 Rossbysalen, Arrhenius laboratory, Svante Arrhenius väg 16C, 6th floor