Peter Sigray
Adjoint Professor and Research Director

Contact information

Phone: +46-(0)8-16 3546
Cell Phone: +46-(0)73-444-7698
Room: C668

Research interests

  • Underwater Technology
  • Sensor Development
  • Oceanography
  • Bio-acoustics
  • Underwater Acoustics
  • Ocean Magnetics

Research Projects

- Messen ist Wissen. The ocean consists of a number of phenomena still unknown. One reason is that current instruments are not able to resolve or even detect them.

By developing novel instrumentation new phenomena might be revealed and lead to track changes. My specific area of interest has been directed toward the Baltic Sea and the North Sea where flow processes are studied by employing electromagnetic based measurements. I have developed several instrument, the latest, the particle motion sensor, is the first of its kind to measure motion in oceans. This instrument has been successfully used to obtain the effects of sound on the marine environment.

Particular project that I am participating in are the EU projects BIAS and AQUO. I am coordinating BIAS where the soundscape of the Baltic Sea will be established by deploying 39 sensors in the Baltic Sea for one year. In AQUO the behaviour response of fish will be studied when a noisy ship is passing by. An add-on is that we will also study behaviour effects of underwater explosions.