Karolina Siegel
Karolina Siegel

Karolina Siegel
PhD student

Contact information

Email: karolina.siegel@misu.su.se
Office phone: +46-(0)8-16xxxx
Room: C655

Research interests

  • Organic aerosol chemistry
  • Aerosol-cloud-climate interaction

  • Climate change in the Arctic

Research project

My project deals with aerosol chemistry and aerosol-cloud-climate interactions in the Arctic. Of certain interest are organic particles from marine microorganisms and from oxidation products of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). More knowledge about the chemical characteristics and their connection to atmospheric composition and meteorological conditions could help to reduce the uncertainties in Arctic climate models.

I participated in the project MOCCHA (Microbiology-Ocean-Cloud-Coupling in the High Arctic) as a part of the Arctic Ocean 2018 expedition with the Swedish Icebreaker Oden. I am currently active at the Atmospheric science unit at ACES.