John Prytherch
Research Engineer

Contact information

John Prytherch, Post doc at MISU.
John Prytherch, Research engineer at MISU.

Phone: +46-(0)8-16 43 52
Room: C672

My role is part of the Arctic Climate Across Scales (ACAS) project, funded by the Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation, aiming to explore the linkages of physical processes important for the Arctic climate across several spatial and temporal scales.

Formal responsibilities

  • Design, construction and operation of an Arctic meteorological observatory on the icebreaker Oden, comprising semi-autonomous in situ and surface-based remote sensing instrumentation.
  • Publication of quality-controlled observations on open-data archives.
  • Assistance with instrumentation, logging systems, etc.

Research interests

  • Air-sea interaction
  • Upper-ocean physics

The current focus of my research is the exchange of trace gases (e.g. CO2, methane) between the ocean and the atmosphere at high latitude. In particular, the role of sea ice.