Jareth Holt
Jareth Holt

Jareth Holt

Postdoctoral researcher

I am working on the APPLICATE project, financed by the EU HORIZON 2020 Research and Innovation programme.
I will be using a coupled single-column model to understand the dynamics of atmosphere, ocean, and sea ice in the Arctic, focusing on cases based on measurement campaigns, e.g. ASCOS, MOSAiC.

Contact information

Email: jareth.holt@misu.su.se
Office phone: +46-(0)8-16xxxx
Room:  C614

Research interests

I am interested in dynamical systems, parametric uncertainty, and turbulence in the context of climate. In the Arctic, the ocean, atmosphere, and sea ice are closely coupled, and their combined dynamics make it hard to estimate key parameters well. Some of these parameters directly affect the energy fluxes at the interfaces between these systems, greatly impacting our ability to forecast sea ice growth/melt or seasonal weather.