Henning Rohde
Orasis photo, 2010

Henning Rodhe
Professor emeritus of chemical meteorology
Chief editor, Tellus B


Contact information

Email: rodhe@misu.su.se
Phone: +46-(0)8-16 4342
Room: C648

Research interests

  • Aerosols
  • Chemistry of clouds and precipitation
  • Biogeochemical cycles (S, N, C)
  • Climate change

Research projects


Brown cloud
Clouds under thick haze (3°N, 74.5°E). Photo credit: C4, Scripps

The Atmospheric Brown Clouds (ABC) project is aimed at an understanding of the widespread layers of brownish haze consisting of aerosol particles, such as black carbon (BC), organic carbon, sulfate etc. as well as precursor gases which produce aerosols and ozone. These clouds occur in south and east Asia as well as in other parts of the world. The clouds affect the regional climate, hydrological cycle, glacial melting, agriculture and human health. The effect of ABCs on climate, hydrological cycle, glacier melting, agriculture and human health is an outstanding problem which prevents a complete understanding of climate change and its impacts, and needs to be more fully explored. Our contributions to the international ABC project have so far been focused on the situation in India, Nepal and the Maldives.


During my almost 50 years as a Prof./Senior Lecturer/Ass. Prof. I have taught a large number of courses at undergraduate and PhD levels. The subject taught include atmospheric chemistry, cloud physics, thermodynamics, dynamics, climate science and biogeochemical cycles.

Publications and CV

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