If you follow the links below, you will find more information about the researchers.  Contact person at MISU in parenthesis.


August 2017

Bror Jönsson, August 12-26 (contact Kristofer Döös)

Maiken Vassel, Erasmus+ intern from KIT, Karslruhe, Germany, August 15th to October 15th (contact Luisa Ickes)

Kaoru Sato, August 23-26 (contact Bodil Karlsson)

Ulrike Lohmann, guest professor at MISU, August 21st to December 15th

Mark Hervig, August 23rd to October 8th (contact Linda Megner)

Manfred Ern, August 24-27 (contact Ole Martin Christiansen)



September 2017

Jost Heintzenberg, September 4-29 (contact Caroline Leck)


October 2017

David Battisti, October 4-10 (contact Rodrigo Caballero)