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ADVANCES in space research
Vol. 1(1981)-.

AEROSOL science and technology

AGRICULTURAL and forest meteorology
Vol. 31(1984)-.

Vol. 1-38(1972-2009).
Vol. 39(2010)-.

ANALYTICAL chemistry
Vol. 1(1929)-.

ANNALES geophysicae (Open access)
Vol. 14(1996):10-.

ANNUAL review of fluid mechanics
Vol. 1(1969)-.

APPLIED ocean research
Vol. 1(1979)-.

Vol. 471(1996)-.

ATMOSFERA (Open access)
Vol. 1(1988)-.

ATMOSPHERIC chemistry and physics (Open access)
Vol. 1(2001)-.

ATMOSPHERIC environment
Vol. 1-23(1967-1989)
Vol.24-27(1990-1993) Part A. General topics
Vol.24-27(1990-1993) Part B. Urban atmosphere

Vol. 20(1986)-.

ATMOSPHERIC science letters
Vol. 1(2000)-.

AUSTRALIAN meteorological magazine /
Australian meteorological and oceanographic journal
Vol. 1-57(1952-2008), 58(2009)-.


Vol. 1(1984)-.

BOUNDARY-LAYER meteorology
Vol. 1(1970)-.

BULLETIN of the American meteorological society
Vol. 51(1970)-.


Vol. 1(1972)-.

CHEMOSPHERE - Global change science
Vol. 1-3(1999-2001).

CLIMATE dynamics
Vol. 1(1986)-.

CLIMATE research
Vol. 1(1990)-.

Vol. 1(1977)-.

CONTINENTAL shelf research
Vol. 1(1982)-.

COSPAR information bulletin


DEEP-SEA research
Vol. 1-8(1953-1961)
Vol. 9-23(1962-1976)
Vol. 24-25(1977-1978)
Vol. 26-39(1976-1992) Part A.
Vol. 26-39(1976-1992) Part B. Oceanic Literature Review
Vol.40(1993)-. Part I
Vol.40(1993)-. Part II

DYNAMICS of atmospheres and oceans
Vol. 1(1976/1977)-.


EARTH and planetary science letters
Vol. 1(1966)-.

EARTH interactions
Vol. 1(1997)-.

ENVIRONMENTAL science and technology
Vol. 1(1967)-.

ENVIRONMENTAL fluid mechanics
Vol. 1(2001)-.

ENVIRONMENTAL research letters (Open Access)
Vol 1(2006)-.

ESTUARINE, coastal and shelf science
Vol. 12(1981)-.


GEOCHEMISTRY, geophysics, geosystems
Vol. 1(2000)-.

GEOCHIMICA et cosmochimica acta
Vol. 1(1950)-.

GEOPHYSICAL research letters
Vol. 1(1974)-.

GLOBAL biogeochemical cycles
Vol. 1(1987)-.

ICES journal of marine science
Vol. 1(1903)-.

INTERNATIONAL journal of climatology /
Journal of climatology
Vol. 1(1981)-.

INTERNATIONAL journal of geomagnetism and aeronomy
Vol. 1-8(1998-2008).

INTERNATIONAL journal of remote sensing
Vol. 1(1980)-.


JOURNAL of advances in modeling earth system
Vol. 1(2009)-.

JOURNAL of aerosol science
Vol. 1(1970)-.

JOURNAL of applied meteorology
Vol. 1-44(1962-2005)

JOURNAL of applied meteorology and climatology
Vol. 45(2006)-

JOURNAL of atmospheric chemistry
Vol. 1(1983)-.

JOURNAL of atmospheric and oceanic technology
Vol. 1(1984)-.

JOURNAL of atmospheric and solar-terrestrial physics
Vol. 59(1997)-.

JOURNAL of atmospheric and terrestrial physics
Vol. 1-58(1950-1996).

JOURNAL of chemical physics
Vol. 1(1933)-.

JOURNAL of climate and applied meteorology
Vol. 22-26(1983-1987). Del av Journal of applied meteorology

JOURNAL of climate
Vol. 1(1988)-.

JOURNAL of fluid mechanics
Vol. 1(1956)-.

JOURNAL of geophysical research
and Disciplinary Sections
Vol. 1-82(1896-1977), 83(1978)-.

JOURNAL of marine research
Vol. 41(1983)-.

JOURNAL of marine systems
Vol. 1(1990)-.

JOURNAL of oceanography
Vol. 26(1970)-

JOURNAL of physical oceanography
Vol. 1(1971)-.

JOURNAL of quantitative spectroscopy and radiative transfer
Vol. 1(1961)-.

JOURNAL of the atmospheric sciences
Vol. 1(1944)-.

JOURNAL of the meteorological society of Japan
Vol. 43(1961)-.


MARINE chemistry
Vol. 1(1972)-.

Vol. 1(1994)-

Vol. 10(2001)-.

METEOROLOGY and atmospheric physics
Vol. 1(1948)-.

MONTHLY weather review
Vol. 0(1872)-.


Vol. 1(1869)-.

NATURE Climate change
Vol. 1(2011)-.

NATURE Geoscience
Vol. 1(2008)-.

NONLINEAR processes in geophysics (Open Access)
Vol. 1(1994)-.


OCEAN dynamics

OCEAN modelling
Vol. 1(1999)-.

Vol. 21-26(1998-2003).


Vol. 1(1986)-.

PHYSICAL chemistry chemical physics, PCCP
Vol. 1(1999)-.

PHYSICS and chemistry of the Earth
Vol. 27(2002)-.

PHYSICS and chemistry of the Earth
Part B: Hydrology, oceans and atmosphere
Vol. 24-26(1999-2001).

PHYSICS and chemistry of the Earth
Part C: Solar-terrestrial and planetary science
Vol. 24-26(1999-2001).

PLANETARY and space science
Vol. 1(1959)-.

POLAR record
Vol. 1(1931)-.

POLAR research
Vol. 1(1982) -.

PROCEEDINGS of the National Academy of sciences, PNAS
of the United States of America

Vol. 1(1915)-.

PROGRESS in oceanography
Vol. 1(1963)-

PURE and applied geophysics
Vol. 1(1939)-.


QUARTERLY journal of the Royal meteorological society
Vol. 1(1873)-.


RADIO science
Vol. 4(1969)-.

REVIEW of geophysics
Vol. 1(1963)-.

July 1880-

SCIENCE of the total environment
Vol. 1(1972)-.

SPACE weather
Vol. 1(2003)-.

SURVEYS in geophysics
Vol. 1(1972)-.


TELLUS A (Open Access)
Vol. 1-34(1949-1982), 35(1983)-

TELLUS B (Open Access)
Vol. 1-34(1949-1982), 35(1983)-

THEORETICAL and applied climatology
Vol. 1(1948)-.


WATER, air, and soil pollution
Vol. 1(1971)-.

WATER, air, and soil pollution : focus
Vol. 1-9(2001-2009).

WATER resources research
Vol. 1(1965)-.

Vol. 51(1996)-.

WEATHER and forecasting
Vol. 1-25(1986-2010).
Vol. 26(2011)-.  Via SUB

Vol. 1(1948)-.