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RGB composite to detect airmasses 19/9-12 (copyright 2012 EUMETSAT).

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Are you interested in working with the most important environmental issues of our time? Do you want to apply mathematics, physics, and chemistry to understand what influences the weather, oceans and the climate of the Earth?

Raymond Pierrehumbert och kungen

Climate justice and how Sweden can lead the way

A successful lecture about climate and Sweden’s role in the climate debate was held by Professor Raymond Pierrehumbert on 11 February. See the recorded lecture here!


Climate Professor aiming for zero carbon dioxide emissions

Read an interview with Professor Pierrehumbert where he explains his views on global warming: - The decisions we take today determine the climate for the next ten thousand years! When the total amount of coal burned and winds up in the atmosphere amounts to one trillion tonnes - the Earth's average temperature will increase by two degrees. So far, we have emitted a half of that amount of carbon to the atmosphere.


The Swedish National Space Board visits MISU for a meeting on 5 March

The Swedish National Space Board, (Rymdstyrelsen), is responsible for national and international activities relating to space and remote sensing, primarily research and development. In 2014 they decided to fund the MISU satellite project MATS.

University library

Jonas Nycander debates Swedish research and higher education policy on "DN-debatt"

He argues that the level of knowledge among students is deteriorating: "A university reform is needed to stop the downward spiral".


New article about the MATS satellite

The Atmospheric Physics Group at the Department of Meteorology is leading the scientific work on a new Swedish satellite project called MATS. The satellite will be sent up in 2017 and will investigate waves in the atmosphere.


Interview with Michael Tjernström

Michael Tjernström, Head of Department, is interviewed about what it was like to be a student at Stockholm University in the 1970s, and an inspiring encounter with professor Bert Bolin.