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    Joe and Annica at EGU

    EGU Award to previous employee

    Joe Sedlar, previous employee at MISU and now reseacher at SMHI recieved his EGU award at the European Geophysical Union (EGU) in Division Outstanding Young Scientists Award 2016.

    Storify from Abisko

    Gruppbild Abisko

    Recently, teachers and PhD students from MISU participated in a Polar Prediction School by WWRP/WCRP and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research. One of the students, Denis Sergeev, made a Storify with all the tweets from the course. The program combined lectures on key areas relevant for polar prediction and a number of field observations and modelling exercises to foster an interactive learning environment. Photo: Lina Broman

    Sara Berglund

    New PhD Student

    Sara Berglund started as a PhD student for Kristofer Döös and Jonas Nycander in April 2016. Sara has done both her Bachelor and Master at MISU. The first focus during her PhD will be on the Lagrangian thermohaline stream function and Lagrangian trajectories.


    World Meteorological Day 2016

    Today, March 23 is World Meteorological Day and we will highlight the important issues related to a changing climate. Watch the video from World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and read more about the theme.


    European clean air policies unmask Arctic warming by greenhouse gases

    The drastic cut in sulfate particle emissions in Europe partly explains the amplified Arctic warming since the 1980s, shows a new study published in Nature Geoscience. The team, which consists of scientists from Stockholm University and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, say that their surprising finding highlights an even more urgent need for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate Arctic climate change.

    Ocean Science Meeting 2016

    Below sea level

    In New Orleans, just some 10 days after Mardi Gras, we were met by warm, humid evenings and colourful left-over beads hanging from every tree, fence and lamp post.

    Lake Hawea

    Apply to our courses and programmes

    Are you interested in working with the most important environmental issues of our time? Do you want to apply mathematics, physics, and chemistry to understand what influences the weather, oceans and the climate of the Earth?

    MISU News

    • Radio Elan 2016-04-21 Late in November, just before the UN climate change conference was about to begin in Paris, some of our French speaking scientists got the oppurtunity to answer questions about the climate and environment from a 10-year old student at the Frech Shoool St Louis.
    • 2016 EGU Award for Young Scientists 2016-04-21 Joseph A. Sedlar, postdoc at MISU, will receive the 2016 Outstanding Young Scientists Award in the Atmospheric Sciences Division. He will receive his prize at the EGU 2016 General Assembly, which will take place in Vienna on 17–22 April.
    • Volvo Environment Prize 2015 2016-04-21 Henning Rodhe, Professor of Chemical Meteorology at MISU, receives the Volvo Environment Prize 2015 for his contributions to the understanding of the world’s atmosphere. His pioneering work explains how gases and particles are transported and deposited and how they affect climate, ecosystems and human health.