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RGB composite to detect airmasses 19/9-12 (copyright 2012 EUMETSAT).

Open for late applications from 8-25 August

Are you interested in working with the most important environmental issues of our time? Do you want to apply mathematics, physics, and chemistry to understand what influences the weather, oceans and the climate of the Earth?

Tropical Storm: Earl 1/9-10 (copyright 2012 EUMETSAT).

Introductory courses in meteorology and oceanography

Are you interested in the atmosphere, oceans and climate but do not want to study our Bachelor's or Master's program? Then apply for our introductory courses and get both knowledge about the topics and an insight into what role atmospheric science and oceanography have in society. All our three different introductory courses are given in Swedish.

PhD Conference 2014

Dear PhD students connected to the Climate Research School at Bolin Centre and ResClim. We are happy to invite you all to the 2014 PhD Conference in Bergen 29-30 September. The conference is a setting for PhD students from Stockholm, Bergen, Oslo and Tromsø to meet, find collaboration partners and present your work in a non-intimidating area.

Call for abstracts: SOLAS

Swedish-SOLAS Open Science Symposium, 27-28 Augusti 2014, Gothenburg


  • IMI now accepts applications for its visitors fellowship 2014 2014-08-22 Join the research community at Stockholm University, Sweden, to work with leaders in Climate and Earth system sciences in the fields of atmospheric sciences, oceanography, the global water cycle, the cryosphere, global/regional climate and environmental variability and change, or paloeclimatology.
  • SWERUS-C3 - first leg is coming to an end 2014-08-18 We just started the engines for the last transit down to Barrow, and so the first leg of this expedition is coming to an end. The last several days we have more or less parked ourselves in the ice north of Barrow. The majority of the research programs on board has been winding down and no more sampling was done. Our meteorology program have however continued as usual; we even managed to perform two transects across the ice edg. We also had an interested mesoscale cyclone pass right over us few days ago.
  • SWERUS-C3 work around the clock 2014-08-12 Oden 2014-08-09. After spending over a week under a constant fog, we have experienced binary weather the last few days . either fog or spectacularly clear. The temperature goes up and down between -2C, and ice sticking on everything when it is foggy, or +2C; Not very much variation it may seem, but I can assure you it feels very different.