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    Successful model developed by student Max Elmgren

    Master student Max Elmgren recently finished his master degree in meteorology, oceanography and climate. During his master degree project about the air quality in Södertälje he developed a model to predict the particle concentration in the area. Read more about it in an interview by SVT Nyheter.

    Lake Hawea

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    Are you interested in working with the most important environmental issues of our time? Do you want to apply mathematics, physics, and chemistry to understand what influences the weather, oceans and the climate of the Earth?

    MISU News

    • Green Sahara interviews on Vetenskapsradion and BBC 2017-04-11 Researcher Francesco S.R. Pausata have been interviewed by Swedish Radio and BBC because of a recently published paper on Green Sahara. Listen to the interviews (Swedish & Spanish), read the press release (Swedish) and of course the scientific paper in Science.
    • Bolincentrets klimatfestival 2017-03-27 What is climate change and what can we do about it? Bolin Centre for Climate Research invites youth to activities, lectures and citizen science. Come and get and give knowledge! (In Swedish)
    • Arctic Ocean 2016 2016-11-24 The Swedish icebreaker Oden is going on a research mission to the Arctic again and during the week 23-26 some MISU people, and some others, spent climbing around on Oden in Helsingborg harbor to set up instruments and take part in a one day science workshop and - for those that actually goes on the expedition - to brush up on board safety.